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Why I use WordPress

This isn’t about me; it’s about the small businesses whose websites I have built, the SEO work, directory building and teaching them HTML to update their content. 2007 I earned my masters in Project Management and was unemployed. I had taken one course in HTML and web design. I noticed how much small businesses needed a fair shot at being found on the internet on a shoestring budget. Without thinking twice, I bartered yoga lessons for a website. I taught myself HTML/CSS, and I was on a role. When responsive sites started to be the way to go, I discovered WordPress’s ability to give my clients a great website, be customized, let them manage it, and the site was responsive and worked well in all the browsers and their versions. So I set about learning everything I could and how to make WordPress match my clients’ needs. Today WordPress is my go-to CMS for any clients and I still barter or charge a fair cost. They have success; I have success. Therefore, the more I know about WordPress, the more I can offer my clients, in the end, there will be better sites, happy users, and business owners.

“I received an entry into the Bluehost WordCamp US Giveaway, for writing this post,