This portfolio is to showcase our client’s sites, their businesses, and their range of needs. Our goal is the same for all, provide the best practices to increase leads, visibility, and ROI as possible. From the beginning, we create User Experience and Design mockups to test and confirm the audiences reach the goals of the site if a site is live, we encourage the user testing to establish the goals and audiences are what the business is expecting. From there, all websites worked on have the minimum necessary for SEO.

The next step is to identify ways to generate leads.  As SEO continues to grow with the site, It is time to educate everyone about your business. Reaching clients and in the end generating leads can take on many forms.  The scripts, in this portfolio, below each image, provides insights to objectives and what services Clients Website is providing


Current Website Projects

These websites are at various stages of development and/or digital marketing services.

Massive Bio
Working with an international website has its challenges. The site is custom programmed so when CWC joined the team; several changes were needed to improve the health of the site. Hakki from Trimaxsecure and I worked on the digital marketing, updating the content to flow, added content linking, increase use of keywords throughout the website, set up and executed email blasting, webinars, contributed to the social media campaigns and managed Facebook PPC and Google Adwords campaigns. The site is still under contract with more work ahead to increase US visibility.
AA Climate Control
A new state of the art storage rental facility in Nederland, TX. This site uses a WordPress Content Management System. After it was deployed, we continued to update and add new images and content. AA Climate Control has an employed Clients Website Company to handle their Digital Marketing needs.
A1 Tinting and Accessories
Another Wordpress site. The owner of the site had found one online and liked it. We did our best to meet his wish while making it his website. This site is in a barter arrangement. The owner refers great clients, in return, we ensure his site stays healthy, and update his site weekly.
Superior Mats LLC
New Contract - Site is expected to be completed by the end of April 2017. Many pages are in place; this site was held up due to content. It is a simple needs site, but we need strong content for the search engines to "read". We face this many times and can turn to competitors for ideas. These can then be used as a base to generate original content.
Suburban Corvettes of Minnesota
This website has been under contract with Clients Website Company since 2010. The site has been redesigned 3 times. In 2016 it won 2 different awards in affiliation with the Corvette Clubs of America. Currently we work on a as need basis.

Recently Contracted

These sites were contracted within the last few months. Many will be done in WordPress and the clients will be taught how to update content. All of the sites will have SEO plugins and set up with Google Analytics. Some may continue to be maintained or set up with a digital marketing plan. First things first, create an User Experience and Design for approval

Myhre Equine Clinic
The clients have this site on Yahoo server, it was created using HTML and built in tables. We will be recreating it, using the same colors, but with updated images, content, adding a facebook feed, some videos and creating a sitemap that flows better for the users. The site will be in WordPress with attention to user interaction and ease to update content. CWC will train a few of the employees at MHC so they can continue to keep content and images fresh.
In City Sugar Shack
New Contract- Live date is April 15, 2017 This site will be using WordPress and have SEO built into it. The graphics and some of the layout work performed by students at Stevens High School, Claremont, NH