A free website analysis will provide you with information to learn about your website. This analysis will give you reports on indexing and crawl ability, ie, are the search engines able to crawl through your site, and index (file) the information of each page. It also will identify any coding issues, broken links, amount of content, if the URLs and title of the pages, meta titles, and descriptions that are too long, repeated or do not exist. You will learn if the images are coded correctly and the strength of the domain. By addressing any of these errors or issues is the first step in digital marketing. You can’t reach the consumer if the search engines have issue with it.

Search Engines:

  1. Know your site exist
  2. Identify keywords associated with it
  3. Know number of pages
  4. Rate the content and images for relevancy
  5. Use the meta tags to help “file” the pages
  6. Be able to travel page to page without any interruptions.

While you wait for me to send you this very handy report, why don’t you visit Indeed.com to learn more about your site. There are many free tools that you can use now to increase your understanding of your website’s health.

You may also visit the SEO page to learn what terms like meta tags and alt tags mean, and how they play into the SERPs (sorry, Search Engine Results Page). We also explain the processes of ‘fixing’ the SEO issues. Most business owners, like yourself, have heard the term SEO and Keywords. On the SEO page these are explained and how they all play a part in Digital Marketing.

As for your free website analysis report, watch your email for a PDF from Lori@ClientsWebsiteCompany.com to arrive in a few hours.