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A website is a crucial part of a digital marketing plan. It is where any change to inventory, services offered or information can be posted in more than 200 characters. When you have web pages you have a home base to direct traffic and potential buyers to take actions. These actions convert to generating sales, interaction and gathering leads. Consequently, increasing visibility, transparency and trust.

However, having a pretty website will not work anymore. 10 years ago without any keywords, it would. Since then Google, the primary search engine, has changed it algorithm to adjust for keyword masking, stuffing, copyright misuse, consumer trends, technology use, and website relevance. In any given year, the algorithms go through more than 500 changes.

As these changes took place many web pages that were in the top SERPs, fell. Web developers were not familiar with Search Engine Optimization and in time, companies, including Clients Website Company decided to increase their knowledge and skill databases. With us, as build a website, we also embed SEO and implement best practices.

If you have a website

We begin with understanding it’s health. In most cases, SEO, content, and images go hand in hand. This is one of your many options. We can address tasks such as updating content, adding images, including resizing and/or enhancing, we can also change out images, content, add or delete pages, even go through a complete re-design.

As we work on your existing website, we will incorporate keywords as we go. For example, while creating a new page, We begin by identifying unique keywords that will be used throughout the process.

In the backend, the meta title and description will be unique for the page,
The title of the page will be unique incorporating keywords.
The content, provided will be reviewed and tested for keyword use, originality and relevance to the page.
The content is then linked to other pages on the site and back to it.
Images, they will be enhanced if necessary, and sized correctly, then coded to be accessible for all users.

What we need to begin working on your site
When we join your team, depending on what we are doing to the site we may need several items.
access to the hosting server, the domain. Depending on what work we will be doing, if it is to update content, images, move parts around, adding

We do ask our clients to provide the content they want on their sites. However, as we learn their business we will put in suitable filler to help the clients think about what they want.

Other components to consider include: Understand your customers and potential clients (User Experience and Design), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), lead generation, Pay Per Clicks campaigns (PPC), original content, linking and social engagement. Depending on your needs, other pieces of digital marketing should be identified and incorporated into your plan.