Cost does not always indicate poor quality, I choose to work.

One-Page Website

One-Page Website

$250     $125

AKA as a Splash site, is ideal for a new business, a blog, a group, or a business that wants to get exposure,
or a business that has a website but wants to have single page sites using a different domain name.

This bundle includes the same quality of coding, one year of free hosting, and technical support. We code the site for future growth, with links. Until more pages are added, the links when clicked will automatically drop down the page to the chosen section. View Lost Focus Production to see how clean and simple it is to create an instant presence on the web.

Up-to-6 pages

Up-to-6 pages

$1550      $725

As a company grows, or as you realize you want/need more pages, this bundle is a great deal. You get the same quality coding, technical and local SEO, training, graphic resizing and touchups and  moral support

This bundle includes the additional pages increasing search engine visibility. Additionally, the pages will link from one site to another. Many of our clients have taken advantage of this package, as their companies grew, we increased the number of pages charging for just the additional page, not the whole site cost. A great example of this bundle is AAStorageNeaderlandcom. Notice the large banner and constant call to action buttons throughout

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

$900      $450 (per Year)

All of the sites we develop, include the basics of SEO;
This is ideal for clients who have had a site built but don’t feel they are searchable, or for our clients who want to do as much as possible to be on the first page of an organic search.

This bundle includes using a variety of tools to have the major search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo crawl and remember and index the site, much like you creating an inventory list of everything in your store. We review and analyze data, watch your competition and make adjustments to keywords as needed. The website’s URL is submitted weekly to encourage updating the search engines index of the site.  Finally, we stay in touch, consulting throughout the year. Our consulting includes: updating the content, changing keywords, and strategies to campaign their site effectively with ad-words and/or ad-sense.

Gilly’s Auto took advantage of this bundle. After a month, he asked told us he went from not having much business and being worried about making ends meet to having to consider hiring someone to help because he was too busy.

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