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Why Website Updates?

Your website should be:

Enjoyable to view

Mobile friendly


In compliance with the accessibility act

Visitors find information easily

Content and images are relevant

Is secured with an HTTPS  URL

Set up with Google Analytics and Search Console

Shows up in the searches

I really like the look of my website, but it isn’t responsive or interactive, do I have to change everything?

The limitations of the platform and server will determine how much has to change. Regardless, if you like the layout, colors, font, etc. those do NOT have to be changed. An easy solution is to create a simple WordPress with only important links and information.  Contact me for details. PS. It doesn’t cost $$$$ only $ or two

what is the difference between mobile friendly and responsive?

Mobile friendly is when you see a phone number and when you click on it, it rings the number. There are other characteristics, but that is the easiest to understand. A responsive website will adjust the images, content, and navigation so that the site is easily viewed on any device, mobile phone, tablet, very small laptop to a large screen desktop unit.

what is an interactive website?

Interactive websites have ways to involve the visitors so they are no longer taking a passive role. For instance, a feature such as a filling out a simple form to download a PDF, or looking at your Facebook feed. Other examples would be an image gallery enlarging images when clicked on, or a slider with buttons, an accordion, or tabs that offers the visitor more information.

how much does it cost to website updates?

The cost should be a direct correlation to the work that you would like done. Most webmasters will charge an hourly rate. I charge $35/hour or by the project. In either case, I like to be sure there is a list of what is to be done and communicate with you of any changes or needs you may have. Take the weight off your shoulders, you will be working with an experienced professional. It will be done well and with attention to detail

do i need to change my hosting server?

NO. 9 times out of 10, your server is just fine. I will be able to tell right off what hosting server is being used and what limitations are in place

Have a dynamic, responsive, mobile friendly, clean, and easy to use website – Call 603-322-3334 or email ( today



Alco-tube was infected with malware and required new images, fix the layout to be consistent and several other tweaks


Changed MCR Whips from a two page none interactive site to a store using PayPal buttons, adding a contact form, and many buttons linking to phone numbers and email address.


Created by the mechanic as an effort to get business. I improved Gilly’s Auto’s local SEO, created new banners to reflect the season and changed content and images on a few pages.
Go Daddy Web Builder

Go Daddy Web Builder

Began working on Connecticut Dressage Association in November 2017. Recently the board decided to upgrade to a WordPress website. GoDaddy Web Builder did not offer enough options to accommodate the growth of the organization.
Make changes now, send your URL and receive a no-obligation free estimate. Fill out the form and begin the process of bettering your business. 

Since 2007 I have been building new and updating websites. I had clients who had built their own site using Yahoo site builder, or Godaddy Tonight. I applaud those DIY because they knew they needed a website and they were on a budget.

My goal is to improve what you have within your means and goals. I do not upsell, or tell you what you have is all wrong and needs to be changed. I listen to what you want to do with the site, then I go about fixing those things. If I find something or think of a neat feature, I will share it with you, any costs involved and let you make the call. This is your site. My marketing background and tech knowledge are available to you.

Affordable storage developed and maintained by Clients Website Company

Old HTML website, modified to work on mobile



Most of the projects on this page were completed within hours. Once I know what changes need to be done, and I have had the opportunity to review the coding or platform, I estimate the time it will take to complete the tasks. Depending on this information, I will present either an hourly estimate cost or a project cost. For example:


A website needs an email changed, a new logo, rearrange existing navigation, and add a couple of images. The site is built in GoDaddy Web Builder. Max time is 1 hour. The unknown is if the logo and the images need to be resized or not. The cost, $45.


Example 2 – the website is built in WordPress, needs to have a security plugin added, changed to a secure site (HTTPS), add a new image – but I need to do edit it with text, 301 redirect set up required for HTTPS change, Search console and Google analytics updated. Time – 2-3 hours. This could go either by hourly or by the project. This was an actual case, the client added several other changes in addition to this, so he sent me $200. I managed the time and in the end, refunded him $40.


Today, the ability to update an existing website without rebuilding it has become a niche for me. I have worked on many platforms, some very complicated to very simple. Rarely do I recommend rebuilding the website. Though, I have finished two projects of such nature. One was not responsive, ie, mobile friendly and the other was an issue with the hosting server. In both cases, I replicated the look and feel of the site and met the new requirements. Options were made available to the business owners to decide what direction or steps they wanted to take. This presented a no pressure situation and allowed them flexibility in their website’s growth.

Other websites such as Alco-Tube, USA, Connecticut Dressage Association, and MCR Whips are examples of websites that I was hired to make a few changes. Since then, they have become long-term clients and contact me on occasion to add a link, a page, change out wording, etc.

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