Digital Marketing plans vary in size and needs.

Clients Website Company has 10 years of experience developing websites, creating newsletters, email blasts, Search Engine Optimization, social media engagements and implementing Pay Per Click campaigns. We work hard to learn your business, your preferences, and needs. Digital marketing is confusing. It includes so many components if is often difficult to weed out what you need and when to need it. As you are discovering, technology has changed the consumer buying and interacting behaviors. It is our job to sort out those behaviors, who your target audiences are and what tools to implement, how effective they will be, how often and when. Some areas we deep dive into are:

  • Understanding your customers and potential clients (User Experience and Design)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), lead generation
  • Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC)
  • Original content
  • Linking
  • Social engagement.

Depending on your needs, other pieces of digital marketing should be identified and incorporated into your plan.

You can think of digital marketing as what a typical brick and mortar business did in the 80’s.  A clean, in good repair building, merchandise the latest trend or fashion, well-stocked shelves and racks. The salespeople knowledgeable, the hours reasonable and the service outstanding. Even then, marketing was a necessity; advertising in the local newspaper, ads on TV and radio, flyers posted, brochures, door hangers, business cards, etc. were all tools to promote, educate the consumers, generate leads and increase sales.

Today, the same goal applies, educate, sales and generate leads. However, how it is done changed drastically over the last 50+ years. A few tools are still important, customer service, quality of products, the latest trends and fashions, and physical, face to face interaction.  What has changed is how consumers shop, now there is an urgency, a need for instant gratification, and convenience. Therefore our marketing techniques shift a bit. The standard print material is still valuable, but now any business can be a video, the website, for some, replaced the brick and mortar,  offers the consumer a place to learn, view and purchase, While, webinars, emails, newsletters, and call to actions all extensions of the printed material, generate leads. Customer service has shifted as well. Now websites can have a chat pop-up, email links or contact forms to start a conversation. The consumer interacts with others differently by viewing ratings, social media, and forums.

Clients Website Company practices the 80’s and now. We visit many of our clients’ place of business and Skype with clients overseas. The more cost-effective and precise the options will be.

Where to begin:

Ask yourself what do you want and need?

Evaluate where you are now. The list below is available as a PDF You are welcome to download it and check off what you have done, and circle what you would like do. Or you can email us or CALL 603-332-3334 to walk you through the list. In either case, you will have the beginnings of a digital marketing plan


I have so far:
___ Website
___Sent out emails
___Link to other sites
___Facebook Page for the business
___LinkedIN, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  _____________(other social media)
___Have video(s) on YouTube
___Have a blog on the website or by itself
___Change the content on the website monthly or more frequently
___Send out digital newsletters
___Host a webinar
___Participate or manage a forum
___Have my business information in my (and employees) email signature
___Have a responsive website (it looks good on mobile devices)
___Have call to actions on the website, emails, newsletters
___Ran a campaign on Google AdWords, Facebook
___Look at the Google Analytics
___Listed in Directories (relevant to your industry)
___Website is healthy(SEO)
___Had user testing or A/B testing
___Have a call to action in the top part of the site
___Have features on your website to engage users and increase their time and movements.
___Do you have lead generators on the site, i.e., “sign up for”
___Submitted content to be published
___Partner with compatible companies
___Participate at events