Where to begin:

Ask yourself what do you want and need?

Evaluate where you are now. The list below is available as a PDF You are welcome to download it and check off what you have done, and circle what you would like do. Or you can email us or CALL 603-332-3334 to walk you through the list. In either case, you will have the beginnings of a digital marketing plan


I have so far:
___ Website
___Sent out emails
___Link to other sites
___Facebook Page for the business
___LinkedIN, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  _____________(other social media)
___Have video(s) on YouTube
___Have a blog on the website or by itself
___Change the content on the website monthly or more frequently
___Send out digital newsletters
___Host a webinar
___Participate or manage a forum
___Have my business information and my (and employees) email signature set up
___Have a responsive website (it looks good on mobile devices)
___Have call to actions on the website, emails, newsletters
___Ran a campaign on Google AdWords, Facebook
___Look at the Google Analytics
___Listed in Directories (relevant to your industry)
___Website is healthy(SEO)
___Had user testing or A/B testing
___Have a call to action in the top part of the site
___Have features on your website to engage users and increase their time and movements.
___Do you have lead generators on the site, i.e., “sign up for”
___Submitted content to be published
___Partner with compatible companies
___Participate at events