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``I need a few tweaks done on my site``

The tweaks were very simple, add a button, change the slider, and by the way the site has malware. No Problem!

An Old Site with Great SEO

This storage unit business has been with my website company for 10 years. I have enhanced Local SEO; Google Business, reviews, Relevant content, & unique keywords,

Updating Websites

Older websites are invaluable where SEO is concerned. However, they now need to be mobile friendly and interact with visitors.

``Hey, I like this site, can you make one like it?``

A WordPress site. The owner of the site had found one online and liked it. I created a very near replica but added a few features to make this site his own.

Can you please take over our website?

Club members are dedicated to keeping their clubs going. As your Webmaster changes are made quickly and the site stays up-to-date.

A new website for a new business

A WordPress Content Management System. Responsive, Relevant on-page and technical SEO, Maintained after Launch.

Website Services

Website Services provided by Clients Website Company were specialized to help small to medium businesses be successful and that means being found on Google. All of the work is done by me, Lori Stammer. If you want to have a drone video, I do bring in a certified license drone pilot, Adam Williams. If you need a logo or other special graphics needs, I bring in Melissa Ortiz. In all cases, I manage the workflow to ensure your project is done in a timely manner and you are in the know

(re) Designing a Website

Maybe that’s all you need. A fresh new look, more sleek, open, minimal, colorful, appropriate for your target audiences. If the website is built in a content management system, the process may be just changing up the layout, colors, and adding several call to action features. In some cases, it may mean a complete redo because of the type of theme being changed to. When this happens, my website company will give you options to consider. All of the options are designed with your best interests and reasons for redesigning the website.

a new website

Whether it’s for rebranding, or a new business, informational, e-commerce or cross-over, part store, part informational,  the work, attention to details and flow of pages is designed with you to ensure it is as you envision and then some.  A few options are available to clients and depending on needs, requirements, and goals, I will present the best match possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is important to every website. A client once said, “It’s great to have a beautiful mansion out in the county, but if you don’t have anyone who visits it, what’s the point?”  I totally agree, yet SEO is one area most companies are overlooking. Invest in SEO to be found on Google.

Updating a Website

This option is a great way to keep a favorite site going. Clients Website Company can make  Changes to images, telephone numbers, address, maybe adding a page or two, etc.. It may also include updating things on the backend if it is a WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Built on GoDaddy,  Joomla, Drupal, or any other platform.

Online Support

I provide a unique service in that, I will walk you through changes you want to make to your own site. Whether we talk over the phone, Skype or use Go to Meeting, I can help you with you doing the work. With three years of teaching students how to build websites and use the Google Suite, you are in good hands.

Ongoing Maintenance

Over time websites get lost in cyberspace. For one reason or another, they fall out of the searches, their pages begin to be not found, the coding or theme becomes obsoleted and the list goes on. I can prevent this, with ongoing maintenance I make sure the site stays healthy, the SEO is relevant and you have no worries.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

In addition to great SEO work, advertising strategically is an option to consider. Being found organically can be tough, I have found a smart PPC campaign, using the right strategy can help to build your site’s visibility and increase traffic to your site. PPC set up in Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bing, or any combination of these are sure to drive visitors to your site.