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While working as a project manager for a large website development company, I noticed the smaller, or lesser accounts were overlooked. They paid up to $5000 for a site with six pages, yet, their needs, questions, and requests were ignored. The realization was if a business didn’t have a website where thousands could be charged, the client was put on the back burner and treated poorly.

Obviously, this did not sit well with me. I began the Clients Website Company to focus on the client. Regardless of the size of the job, I make every effort to ensure your website, your needs, your concerns are heard and addressed. After all, how can I be successful if you are not?

In our collection of skills is the ability to work in most any platform being used to build websites. It doesn’t matter if you have or want a website built in WIx, Weebly, WordPress, GoDaddy Website, Drupal, Joomla, Yahoo, or HTML/CSS. What matters is our dream team can help you reach your goals.

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Clients Website Company Team Members


Lori, the founder of Clients Website Company, has a degree in Marketing and a Masters in IT. She has been developing, updating, maintaining, and digital marketing websites for 12+ years. As well as working for Brookston.com as the SEO Specialist and Dartmouth as a webmaster. When she is not at the computer, she is outside enjoying all that there is.

Lori Stammer

adam williams

Adam Williams is the guy behind the camera or flying a drone. His works include footage for ad agencies, real estate agencies, for websites and his own short films. Visit Lost Focus Production to see his work. You may decide high-quality footage is what you need.

Adam Williams

Video-Film Producer
Megan Williams Riley

Megan is all about staging, whether it be on a website or a storefront. She is the go-to person to ``See if it looks right``. When Clients Website Company has a client who wants to redesign their website, Megan is a great help in the flow of the site and the colors.

Megan Riley

Visual Marketing Specialist