Our Strategy for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starts with an analysis of your website.

SEO or search engine optimization to boost organic searches and local Google searches

Solutions to Be Found on Google

Page #1 rankings for agreed keywords
Boosting organic traffic by at least 50%
Increase the CTR by no less than 30%
Build at least 10 new backlinks

How it's Done

CWC takes into consideration all the nuances of your niche and works out a unique SEO action plan to satisfy even your most ambitious business needs and goals.

Initial analysis

Diving deep into your company, website, industry, and competitive landscape by doing an audit of your site’s health will give a comprehensive list of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Comprehensive Keyword Research and Content

Identify top sales-driving search terms, reveal keywords your competitors rank with and finalize a  powerful list of keywords to further optimize your website

Technical SEO

A small technical issue can result in poor user experience, hold back your rankings,360° audit to identify your website`s weak spots (crawlability, indexing, redirects, coding errors, etc.)

Improving UX

User experience has a massive impact on almost every aspect of your business including conversions, rankings, bounce rates, your brand`s reputation.  We identify UX issues and fix them.

Local Search Optimization

46% of all Google searches are local, and the number of “near me” search queries has doubled over the past year. CWC will optimize a Google My Business page, and work on local on-page SEO factors.

Customized Content Strategy

A unique content strategy for your organization will be 100% custom fit to your business goals. It will include high-level messaging, a value proposition, and a social media integration.

Reporting Results

CWC strives for results and transparency. A full set of detailed and easy-to-understand reports regarding on and off page SEO will be critiqued used to strategize upcoming events and desired results.

Digital Marketing

PPC, Organic & Referral Clicks result from a complete digital marketing portfolio. Conversations will center on strategies to increase CTR and traffic impressions.

Resources for Success

Eschewing all false modesty, Clients Website Company has been a leading full-service SEO, Search Engine Optimization, agency for over a decade now. The tools we use were created and are maintained by a Google Partner, which means Google has officially certified their knowledge and expertise, thus providing tools with up-to-date algorithms. We are also Google Local Guides making it much easier to put your business on Google Map.

Tools you can use to help with SEO  Google Keyword Planner | Alexa Website Ranker