SEO Project - King Blossom Guitars

King Blossom Guitars is a located in Grantham, NH. Jeff Figley, the guitar maker contacted CWC to help him place his company on Google Map. As conversations go, he also asked how he can beef up his SEO. The results were an instant jump in organic searches and impressions. One of the key elements was his on-page SEO lacked specific traffic driving keywords.

Each week Jeff and Lori Stammer, founder of CWC, meet to go over ideas to increase clicks. Jeff’s greatest problem in doing so his not his site, but the uniqueness of what he does. Consequently, using his Search Console, new keywords were discovered and pages were built to be more relevant.

King Blossom Guitars Website SEO and Updating on Clients Website Company


Custom Guitars are sought after worldwide. The trick is knowing the audience and what they are searching for.