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How to Build a Website in 8 Steps.

How to build a website in 8 easy steps that will have you on the live on the internet in a matter of a couple of hours.

You might be asking why is a web developer giving away such great secrets? Simple, everyone should know something about website building. It’s like gardening. Only gardeners understand the time, dedication, understanding of plants and love doing it. Then they will appreciate the time, effort, years of knowledge of another gardener.

Step 1. A list of tasks to stay organized. Build your website takes some planning, more than just thinking about it. The best is to create a task sheet. Consider the following steps to how to build a website and create one using those steps.

Step 2. Identify keywords that will be associated with your site, come up with what you hope to use a domain name (web address, URL)

Step 3. Decide if you are going to go with WordPress, a site builder that is part of the hosting company or going to try to build with HTML and CSS (something only someone who has experienced should do)

Step 4. Take the plunge and sign up for Google Business Suite. It will cost $5.00 per email per month. If its just you then that’s one email. This will be your best investment.

Step 5. Put together what you want on your homepage, this includes images, content (use some of those keywords), and your business logo, if you have one.  The reason is simple. You need a splash page to get started. The other pages can be created later.

Step 6. Select where you are going to host your site. This is also known as the hosting server. Generally, you can get a package deal, host your site and receive a free domain name. You might try, They have a great support team, many perks and are here in the US. Go with the basic package, it is all you will need.

A few things when setting up the hosting server, 1. know if you are going to use a Content Management system like WordPress, or Site Builder and 2. Don’t click on anything else! They tend to sell you the moon. GoDaddy is notorious for this.

Step 7.  Register a domain name. This is your web address, the URL you will plaster all over your car, business cards, hats, jackets, pens and more. If you checked out the hosting server above you will see they have a free domain with the hosting package. Try to include a keyword – Yes, it is very important.

Step 8. You are ready to put in your content and images. If you are shy on images we use If you are looking for something less costly, try They are free and have open copyright laws.

And you are done. At any point of this project, you have questions on how to build a website, we are here to answer them. Sure we’d love the business, after all, we are the gardeners with years of experience, however, we do understand budget, time and trust. Please call 603-322-3334, email  or fill out our form we don’t charge consultation fees, we help.